Our production facilities are conveniently located in the main global textile production hubs. Having multiple production locations helps you to reduce distribution costs by ensuring your goods can be produced as close to garment source locations as possible. Reduced travel distances when freighting goods also helps to reduce CO2 emissions.


At Jointak, we produce a full range of garment trims and accessories for the textile, clothing and footwear markets. Our range includes woven labels, care labels, printed labels, swing tickets and hangtags, packaging, RFID products, heat transfer labels, strings and seals, stickers, PU and leather patches, variable data products, security labels and anti-counterfeit products.

All of this is only possible due to our direct control over our manufacturing covering broadloom, needle loom and shuttle loom weaving, offset printing, rotary printing, screen printing, thermal printing, plastic injection moulding and embroidery as well as a full range of woven and print finishing processes.